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Coaching and Teaching

Kelly Pekar and young actors
Kelly Pekar and young actors


One on One Coaching - 30 mins: $50

One on One Coaching - 1 hr: $75

Contact for Masterclass and Group Rates

Sliding Scale available 

Reach out to discuss your coaching needs! I am honored to serve as a sounding board, mirror, and collaborator for your audition and personal creative goals.


What you can expect: supportive, empathetic, actionable feedback from two decades of acting professionally.  A flexible, dynamic approach to unlocking your most accessible, creative, intelligent work. 

What that might apply to: College audition prep, monologue selection and/or coaching, working on an audition side or song, preparing for a public speaking engagement, or something else of your own imagining!

I specialize in: folks with audition anxiety, those who struggle with negative self talk, folks who may be working to overcome interior or exterior blocks and barriers.

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