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Kelly Pekar

Actress, Writer

Playing the 14-character female track in Ken Ludwig's Baskerville, at freeFall Theatre Company March-April 2023.

"Pekar, as the lone female, is a singular presence. She gets to run the gamut from spit and snarl through a series of
delicious accents to a scarlet-gowned love interest who indeed stops our cowboy at first sight as he dissolves mid-sentence with “my lord, you have beautiful eyes.”

Full review here.

"What can I possibly say about the supporting ensemble of Kelly Pekar, James Putnam and Robert Teasdale? The rapid-fire ease with which they changed characters – a LOT of characters – was almost as impressive as their precise comic timing and the world (literally), of accents they mastered. Meryl Streep would be impressed."

"Pekar, a freeFall alum, morphs from housemaid to lovely young ingenue, to a cockney boy, to an old German crone – Inga, my personal favorite, made me laugh out loud. Imagine the wedding priest from Princess Bride meets the Bride of Frankenstein meets Frau Blücher.  As comic moments go – perfection."

Full Review here.


Kelly Pekar

Recent: Back in NYC after starring as Sally Talley in the first London production in 40 years of Lanford Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning two-hander, Talley's Folly, fall of 2022. 

Kelly Pekar, actor

 Voice of Joni Evers in Video Game "AFTERMATH" with Causeway Studios



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