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Jenny and her Jug

Synopsis: Whip-smart, wild haired Jenny carries a bursting gallon jug with her everywhere she goes. In it, she stores every bit of information she hears about herself: the name the neighborhood bully calls her, the judgement made by a mean-spirited student in gym class, and sometimes even her own self-critical thoughts.


Jenny and her Jug illustrates how children and adults often move through the world weighed down by judgements that quickly become beliefs. With humor and care, this read-to-me picture book navigates the weight of language, the power of empathy, and the sparkling strength gained from taking ownership of our story.

Kelly Pekar

About Jenny and her Jug...

Age range: 5-8 years, the young at heart

Grade level: K-2

Lexile Measure: AD860L

Supplemental Materials: Activity guide (visual and performing arts), discussion questions 


Genre: Read-to-me picture book

Key Themes: Empathy, self-love, the weight of language

Book Teaser

Interview with Susan Blackwell

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